Five top trends for Valentine’s Day food and drink

and how red can unlock your product's potential

08 February 2021


From roses to cupid’s hearts, red is known across the world as the color of love. As an exciting, energizing shade that stirs up passion and desire, it is the ideal choice for Valentine’s Day food and drink launches. Red can also help products tap into many of the industry’s top trends, from unexpected twists on old classics to luxury chic. The experts at EXBERRY® by GNT have vast experience creating spectacular visual effects in food and drink. Here, they provide some insights and inspiration on how to create successful Valentine’s Day products featuring glorious plant-based EXBERRY® reds.

Glorious geometrics

Geometric shapes are now making an impact in everything from cakes to chocolate, with rigid lines and angular forms boosting the impact of color by reflecting light and creating shadows like glimmering jewels. Geometric heart-shaped confectionery – featuring fruity flavors and vibrant red EXBERRY® Coloring Foods – can provide the perfect option for Valentine’s Day, delivering the multisensory stimulation that today’s consumers are seeking.1

Roses are red

Red roses are the time-honored way to express affection on 14th February. Nowadays, though, it is all about food bouquets, with a selection of tempting products presented like floral arrangements. A ‘bouquet’ of red candy lollipops, for example, is a gift that meets the growing demand for Insta-worthy moments. Plant-based EXBERRY® reds can achieve vibrant shades while supporting clean and clear labeling.

Cocktail chic

Cocktails can provide the perfect platform for passion on Valentine’s Day and the ready-to-drink varieties are now booming, boosted by sophisticated flavors and quality ingredients.2 Flavors such as hibiscus or watermelon can provide a real sense of luxury chic– especially when colored with vivid EXBERRY® reds made from fruit and vegetables.

Affectionate confections

With strawberries and cherries among the top aphrodisiacs, chocolates filled with these delicious fruity flavors can provide the ultimate in indulgent temptation. EXBERRY® reds can ensure they are truly irresistible, whether used to create a painted decoration, a vibrant syrup filling or to add a colorful touch to decorative sugars.

Brilliant brunches

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on 13th February in the US. It is a day to celebrate female friendships, usually over a bottomless brunch. Dishes such as pomegranate pancakes made with red Coloring Foods are perfect, combining an eye-catching visual twist with exciting flavors and better-for-you ingredients.

Discover romantic reds with EXBERRY®

Red is a wonderfully romantic color that has been shown to enhance attraction in men and women.3 4 EXBERRY® can deliver ravishing reds for anything from vibrant cupid’s heart candy to sophisticated rose-red cocktails. Created from ingredients such as radish, sweet potato and elderberry, our romantic red shades help your products set the mood while keeping labels completely clean and clear.

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