Regeneration Rising: Introducing “Elevated Earth” an organic yet premium aesthetic

In the heart of the eco-conscious movement, a new trend is taking root in the food and drink industry, one that not only seeks to preserve our planet but to actively regenerate it. This is the core of our “Regeneration Rising” campaign, which shines a spotlight on the deepening desire among consumers to support brands that champion regenerative practices.

As we delve into this regenerative journey, we find that it’s not just about what we do; it’s also about celebrating how we do it. The story of each ingredient, the process behind every food and drink product, becomes a narrative of regeneration. This narrative is vividly brought to life through three distinct color directions that embody different aspects of regenerative themes. The first of these is “Elevated Earth”.

Elevated Earth” is a palette that draws from the raw, unrefined beauty of nature’s imperfections. It’s a celebration of material origins and textures, a tribute to heritage ingredients sourced from regenerative food suppliers. “Elevated Earth” is not just a color scheme; it’s a philosophy that permeates the food and drink categories, infusing them with an organic yet premium aesthetic. This translates into sub-categories like kombucha, drinking vinegars, the emerging Mexican tepache, and earthy mushroom teas and coffees. Each of these beverages carries the hallmark of authenticity, with variations in texture and color that speak to the natural origins of their ingredients. They are imbued with nootropic boosters and feel-good adaptogens, offering umami tangs that tantalize the palate.

The role of color in this regenerative narrative is pivotal. So which colors are connected to “Elevated Earth”?

Textured purple, earthy reds and muted oranges bring to life the colors of nutrient-rich soils from regenerative agricultural practices, nutritious and emergent Latin American fruits and alternative chocolate ingredients. Biodiverse heirloom fruits and vegetables and highly pigmented spices bring in rich reds. All these shades are a testament to the fact that being regenerative doesn’t mean compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. Instead, it offers a new dimension of luxury that is as rich and diverse as the natural world itself. As we embrace this movement, we find that the colors of regeneration are not just about appearance; they are a reflection of our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable, and more vibrant world.

… bring it to life with EXBERRY®

EXBERRY® Truffles with plant-based colors

We like to introduce plant-based chocolate truffles – oat milk-based chocolates with deep color shades.

Using plant-based alternatives alongside flavors such as rowan berries and caramel for a rich flavor experience connects this concept to “Elevated Earth”. A premium confectionery product with a strong bond to nature with flavor and color.

You want to learn more about “Elevated Earth” and how it can come to life in other applications? Download our color direction guide or contact our sales directly for more customized insights.

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