Regeneration Rising: Introducing “Wholesome Nostaliga” a resurgence of feel-good rituals

Our initiative, “Regeneration Rising,” highlights the growing trend of restoring our Earth’s ecosystem and casts a light on the increasing consumer demand for food and drink products from companies that are not just eco-friendly but are supporters of regenerative practices. This also includes a strong focus on communities and even on individual level families and personal well-being.

The story of “Regeneration Rising” is coming to life through three vibrant color direction that represent the diverse facets of the regenerative concept. “Wholesome Nostalgia” is a pastel focused color direction that takes us back to childhood memories with a modern twist.

“Wholesome Nostalgia” is taking into account the strong focus of today’s consumer on community, family, and personal wellbeing. Consumers are enjoying a resurgence of feel-good rituals such as celebratory dinner parties and idyllic picnics in the park. This gives rise to a longing for nostalgic products with dream like colors, sweetness and nearly “kitschy” decorations. Food and drinks can transport us back to childhood memories with a “good old days”, romanticized looks and long loved tastes such as gentle pastel ice creams with vanilla flavor and colorful sprinkles.

The role of color in this extraordinary narrative is crucial. So, which colors are connected to “Wholesome Nostalgia”?

Cool, pretty pinks from magnolia blossom and wild rose petals can be paired with pale lemony yellows and fruity peach colors that bring in a comforting warmth. Adding sophisticated greens such as pistachio or cultivated legumes underline the indulgence aspect of this color direction.

… bring it to life with EXBERRY®

Ginger Lemonade

We like to introduce “Herbal Ginger Spritz” – an iced summer cocktail on a sweet lemonade base.

A lightly flavored summer cocktail in a translucent peachy color with a sweet lemonade flavor from childhood days paired with a slight spiciness from ginger that comes through at the end. A perfect drink for a warm summer night with friends.

You want to learn more about “Wholesome Nostalgia” and how it can come to life in other applications? Download our color direction guide or contact our sales directly for more customized insights.

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