Regeneration Rising: using color to connect with today’s eco-conscious consumer

A new era of conscious consumption is increasing the focus on sustainable ingredients. ‘Regeneration Rising’ explores the global collective shift toward a more grounded appreciation for nature and deeper desire to protect the planet. 

Discover how this trend is inspiring the use of eye-catching color palettes influenced by the natural world. 

New ideas for your product development

In the Regeneration Rising era, brands are seeking to convey distinctive messages about how their products are created. The use of visually impactful colors that can be found growing on land and in the sea helps manufacturers showcase products’ eco-credentials and build emotional connections with consumers. 

A new palette inspired by the planet

Celebrating the origins of ingredients, and how and why food and drink products are made, has highlighted three color directions. These directions showcase different regenerative themes: Elevated Earth, Nature Lab and Wholesome Nostalgia.

Elevated Earth

Characterized by earthy shades from red-browns and warm oranges to textured purples and inky teals.

Nature Lab

Pushes the boundaries of what is considered natural and features a kaleidoscopic spectrum of green, pink, red, yellow, orange, and blue.

Wholesome Nostalgia

Includes yellows, greens, blues, peaches, and pinks that range from velvet-like to milky, translucent, muted, and dreamlike.

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