Sugar Coatings and Icings

Royal icing, flat icing, frostings, and buttercream

Color is a vital feature of bakery icings, providing the opportunity to decorate in extraordinary ways. pH is one of the most significant considerations when looking to achieve a full spectrum of shades.


  • The color hue will be greatly affected by the pH of the icing. The addition of acidic ingredients such as lemon juice and citric acid will yield the brightest red, purple, pink hues.
  • For red hues, consider combining a red or purple color with a yellow or orange color.
  • Starting dosage of 0.1 – 0.30% w/w

Manufacturing process

  • EXBERRY® is most effective when added to liquid portion of the formulation
  • As water content needs to be limited in many situations, powdered MN Coloring Foods provide the perfect homogenous solution. When using standard powders, ensure the color is fully hydrated post mixing to ensure a uniform appearance


  • Shelf life requirements can vary significantly.