rice, corn, oat & wheat cereals

A wide range of cereals can be used for the extruded mass itself, including rice, corn, oat, wheat etc. Coloring Foods can be used to enhance the natural appearance or to add interesting color to complement the flavor and shape of the final product, which could be a breakfast cereal or a savory snack.


  • Starting dosage range is 0.5% – 1.0% w/w, taking in account the base’s inherent color
  • Lower density products with a greater degree of aeration will result in a lighter color hue.
  • Addition of ascorbic acid as antioxidant will significantly improve the shelf life of yellow and orange carotenoid-containing colors
  • Addition of acid can benefit red anthocyanin-containing colors, enabling a more vibrant finished result

Manufacturing process

  • Avoid excessive processing and hold times.
  • Consider color addition as late as possible in the extrusion process


  • Overall stability in color retention is very good.