Fat Based Coatings

For bakery products, desserts and cereals / bars

For bakery products, desserts and cereals / bars, fat coatings are frequently used in place of chocolate. For these coatings, it is possible to achieve diverse full spectrum of shades using Coloring Foods.


  • EXBERRY® OD or MN line is recommended for this application
  • Starting color dosage range is 0.2 – 0.3% w/w for MN powders and 0.3 – 3% w/w for OD.
  • Consider the base color of the compound. To overcome yellow tones, higher dosages may be required.

Manufacturing process

  • Colors can be added directly to melted compound. For MN, sufficient mixing is required to disperse the color throughout the compound. OD colors are already pre-dispersed in oil, therefore, color incorporation will be easier.
  • Colors must be stored according to recommendations at ambient temperature and controlled relative humidity. Avoid any potential contact with moisture.


  • Red OD and Red MN may shift to slightly more purple hues over time in compound coatings containing dairy ingredients.
  • Overall stability in color retention is very good.