Flavored Teas & Botanical Beverages

Flavored Teas & Botanical Beverages

With increasing popularity for tea flavored drinks, RTD tea and other botanical drinks, color provides differentiation and improves appearance beyond the typical pale brown shade. Tea is a complex ingredient in its own right and therefore colors should be carefully selected to ensure stability.


  • Use a starting color dosage level between 0.05% w/w – 0.25% w/w
  • For best results, beverage pH should be <3.3 for red, purple, and pink shades
  • Consider impact of ascorbic acid, mineral levels, and botanicals on color performance
  • Take into account the tea’s inherent color when formulating

Manufacturing process

  • Note the order of ingredient addition and add colors during the final stages of production
  • Avoid excessive processing
  • Rapid cooling helps preserve color


  • Optimal color performance is up to nine months
  • UV barriers and full-shrink labels will preserve color vibrancy and can help extend shelf life