Fruit Filling and Glazes

For bakery, desserts and cereal products

Used widely in bakery, desserts and cereal products, color is a key product attribute and is vital to enhance appearance over shelf life as the uncolored fruit would typically brown in time. Thermal processing is a key consideration for fruit fillings and glazes.


  • Use a starting color dosage level between 0.20% w/w – 1.0% w/w, but take into account the fruit’s inherent color when formulating
  • For best results, pH should be <3.5 for brightest red and purple hues
  • For carotenoid-containing colors it is recommended to include ascorbic acid and an antioxidant to support performance
  • When using fruit pieces and purées, higher dosages may be required to mitigate the color changes over shelf life

Manufacturing process

  • Note the order of ingredient addition and add colors during final stage of production
  • Avoid excessive processing and heat exposure
  • Rapid cooling products reduces color loss


  • For optimal shelf life, fruit fillings should be stored cool and dark