Fruit Preparation

For use in dairy products

Fruit preparations are an inherent component in many dairy products. It is important to recognize that color performance will be different in the stand-alone fruit preparation compared to when mixed into the dairy product. Fat content, pH and thermal processing are key considerations


  • Use a starting color dosage level between 0.20% w/w – 1.0% w/w, taking into account the fruit’s inherent color when formulating
  • For best results, pH should be <4.0 for more vibrant pink-red and purple hues
  • When using fruit pieces and purées, higher color dosages may be required to mitigate the browning changes over shelf life.
  • When working with fruit preparations blended into yogurt, it is best to evaluate color at least 24 hours after mixing into yogurt
  • In layered products, the total formulation including the yogurt itself must be considered to ensure the color remains in the fruit prep layer

Manufacturing process

  • Note the order of ingredient addition and add colors during final stage of production
  • Avoid excessive processing
  • Rapid cooling helps preserve color
  • Consider the thermal process conditions when working with heat sensitive colors, such blues, greens and violets that may contain beetroot and/ or spirulina concentrate which is more heat sensitive.


  • Opaque packaging will improve color retention. To maintain the brightest pink-red and purple shades, keep the fruit prep separate to the dairy component until the point of consumption.