Pressed Tablets

mints, dragees, tingling sherbets

Ranging from mints to tingling sherbets, color incorporation is considered very desirable within pressed confectionery to provide differentiation. Depending on the particle size, it is possible to achieve homogeneous colour throughout the mass.


  • EXBERRY® MN powders are recommended for this application type, providing color in a dry format with a very small particle size which in turn covers the surface within the mass
  • Homogenous fine particle size distribution is optimal for color performance
  • Use a starting color dosage range 0.5% – 1.0%
  • Standard powder items can be applied to achieve a more speckled appearance if this is the target appearance
  • The carrier should be selected carefully as this can influence the color intensity

Manufacturing process

  • Colors can be blended with the base components and mixed together to deliver a greater variety of shades
  • Colors must be stored as recommended at ambient temperature and controlled relative humidity. Avoid any potential contact with moisture.
  • Appearance and color intensity will be influenced by the pressure applied in the press


  • Overall stability and color retention is very good.