RTD Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Mix Drinks

Premixed alcoholic drinks can be prepared on any kind of alcohol base and color plays an important role particularly in premixed RTD cocktails. Malt containing / fermented bases can interact with other components making shelf testing an important step.


  • Use a starting color dosage level between 0.08% w/w – 0.25% w/w taking into consideration the base shade of the drink and the shelf life expectation
  • For best results, beverage pH should be <3.3 for red, purple, and pink shades
  • Coloring Foods can be considered in combination with any spirit base

Manufacturing process

  • Note the order of ingredient addition and add colors during the final stages of production
  • Avoid excessive processing
  • Rapid cooling helps preserve color


  • Optimal color performance is up to nine months
  • UV barriers and full-shrink labels will preserve color vibrancy and can help extend shelf life
  • Glass, can and pouch style packaging provide excellent protection over life
  • The alcohol content may impact shelf life and color performance