Soft Panned Confectionery

Jelly Beans

A complete spectrum of shades is possible using Coloring Foods for soft panned products and performance is very much dictated by the pH, dosage levels, heat applied and the final product packaging.


  • Starting dosage levels vary depending on desired color hue and the number of layers applied. Dosage level on finished product can range between 0.1% w/w – 0.8% w/w
  • Consider if your panning syrup contains acid when looking to achieve red, purple, or pink shades
  • The whiter the centers, the better the coloring result
  • Flavor can be combined in the panning syrup together with the color

Manufacturing process

  • It is best to avoid holding colored syrup for prolonged periods (>4-6 hours) at elevated temperatures. It is most typical to hold the syrup <40°C
  • For blue, green and violet shades, avoid holding colored syrup for any period at > 65°C
  • After each color layer, add caster sugar to the panning drum to build the layers and assist drying


  • Store cool and dark where possible.
  • Air tight packaging will support optimum stability
  • UV barriers and full-shrink labels will preserve color vibrancy and extend shelf life