Webinar: Plant-based colors for plant-based fish

03 November 2020

Plant-based meat and dairy has already gone mainsteam – and everyone from Forbes to the BBC is now pointing to plant-based fish as the next big trend.[i] [ii]

With products ranging from scampi to sashimi to salmon steaks, vegan-friendly seafood alternatives are now making waves all over the world.

To successfully attract shoppers, plant-based fish products must have a fresh and appealing appearance. But with modern consumers increasingly demanding healthier, clean-label products, it is essential to use ingredients they can trust.

Made from fruit, vegetables and plants with no chemical solvents, EXBERRY® Coloring Foods provide an ideal solution.

Join GNT for a free webinar to discover how to create a range of truly spectacular seafood substitutes using EXBERRY®. From understanding consumer expectations to overcoming technical challenges, our experts will explain how to ensure your plant-based fish products reach their full potential.

To sign up for the webinar, click here

[i] Forbes ‘Plant-Based Fish Is The New Vegan Trend’ (June 2020)

[ii] BBC ‘Vegan seafood: The next plant-based meat trend?’ (June 2020)

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