Pressed Nutritional Tablets

Food Supplements

Nutritional food supplements are frequently made by direct compression, and color incorporation can be considered very desirable to provide a more acceptable and homogeneous appearance. It is possible to achieve very attractive homogeneous color throughout the mass using Coloring Foods.


  • EXBERRY® MN powders are recommended for this application.
  • Homogeneous fine particle size distribution is optimal for color performance.
  • Use a starting color dosage range of 0.5% – 1.0%
  • In dry compressed tablets, the possibility of ingredient interaction is lower than in liquid formats.
  • Pressed tablets can also be film- coated if the tablet itself is not desirable in terms of appearance or organoleptic properties. Film coating incorporates liquid color in a thin outer layer.

Manufacturing process

  • Colors can be blended with the excipients and tableting mass itself.
  • Colors must be stored at ambient temperature and controlled relative humidity. Avoid any potential contact with moisture.


  • Overall stability in color retention is very good.