Create spectacular summer BBQ food and drink with EXBERRY® reds

14 June 2021


From the flickering hot flames to the burgers and steaks sizzling on the grill, red is a color at the very heart of the summer BBQ. Red can also provide the ideal choice for many other BBQ food and drink delights, elevating products with vibrant, eye-catching hues that perfectly symbolize the season.

Red can help manufacturers connect with many top trends. For example, it can be used to heighten the appeal of spicy sauces and coatings from around the world, to ensure plant-based treats looks just like the real thing, or to take BBQ-friendly beverages to the next level. A bubble tea with chewy tapioca pearls, fruity flavors and vibrant red coloring, for example, can deliver the multisensory stimulation that the new generation of consumers want.

GNT’s experts have extensive experience developing spectacular products using our range of plant-based EXBERRY® reds. Click below for inspiration on how Coloring Foods can be used to help ensure the success of your summer BBQ food and drink launches.


Maartje Hendrickx
Market Development Manager