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COVID-19 update

11 January 2021

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Many countries are facing the threat of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The coming months promise to be challenging and at GNT Group we are already taking all necessary steps to prepare for the difficulties that lie ahead. While these are worrying times, we remain extremely vigilant and you can rely on our continued ability to deliver the color solutions you need.

As a family-owned company, we always make long-term decisions for the benefit of our customers. This allows us to hold sufficient inventory of raw materials and finished ingredients to respond quickly to changing demand, which has proven to be extremely valuable during this year of uncertainty. At the same time, our vertically integrated supply chain has continued to be robust throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We have long-term relationships with carefully selected farmers, which has protected supplies of the raw materials we use to make our Coloring Foods.

As a result of this approach, it is business-as-usual at our production facilities and we remain in a position to offer consistent, year-round supply of EXBERRY® products, as well as stable pricing. To discuss your specific color solutions, please contact your local GNT representative. We continue to have good stock levels for a wide range of Coloring Foods, including blues, reds, yellows and pinks.